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I studied at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (1991-1995) and graduated from the Städelschule Frankfurt (1996 -1998). From 1989-1991 I worked as a costume assistant and men's tailor at the Theater Dortmund. I successfully completed my apprenticeship as a men's tailor at the tailor Schmidt, Wiemeringhausen, with distinction (1985-88).
From 1999 - 2002 I maintained a studio in Madrid, Spain and 2006 - 2011 in Dubai, UAE. Since 2015 I have been collaborating with British artist and fashion designer Felicity Brown.
In 2020 I founded the STUDIOSPACE Lange Straße 31 in Frankfurt am Main. The project work is supported by the Kulturamt Frankfurt and the Frauenreferat Frankfurt. I have three children and live and work in Frankfurt am Main and Bad Vilbel.
My artistic work oscillates between the fields of fine art, craft and the mediation of art; it ranges from painting, graphics, textile art to SEA projects (Socially Engaged Art).
I draw on cultural and communal inventions such as the archetype, the myth and traditional art and craft techniques. Thus my research relates to the intersection of contemplation and making practice, exploring commonalities between image making, storytelling, folkloric and social motifs, and traditional and improvised methods of making. Over time, the beholder, the viewer, became more and more central to my interest.
Thus I understand my studio project, the studio workshop and the workshops that take place there and elsewhere as a part of my artistic work.
With the STUDIOSPACE Lange Straße 31 I create a dynamically developing space to explore artistic and textile design processes and to test forms of communication and inclusivity in art. The studio project and the studio workshop see themselves as a laboratory space to try out forms of communicating art and to develop new formats.


Foto: Felicity Brown

Exhibitions at home and abroad (Selection)

At Museum Beckum (G), Tierhaus in Dortmund (G), Portikus (G) in Frankfurt, Germany.

At XVA Gallery (S), The Pavilion (S), Tashkeel (G), DUCTAC (G), 1x1 Gallery (G) in Dubai,

Sharjah Art Museum (G) in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

At Laboratoire d'Art St Nicolas Stairs Gemayzeh (S), Beirut, Lebanon.

At Wolfstaedter Galerie (S), Ausstellungshalle 1a (G), Galerie Perpétuel (G) in Frankfurt, Germany.

At MACS - Museum of Contemporary Art (G) in Sorocaba, Brazil.


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