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The love that moves the sun and the stars and moves in my heart and yours.

Dante Alighieri, Paradiso

Wir bieten Workshop in Malerei, Malereikurse an. Werden Sie selbst kreativ und entdecken Sie Ihr kreatives Potenzial beim Malen mit Öl und Acryl, Drucken mit der Kupferstichpresse, Textilkunst, freies Quilten, Sticken, Textildesign, Textile Surface design techniques, studio, im Künstleratelier in Frankfurt mit professionellen Künstlern und Textildesignern. Kostüme, Bühnenbild, Malerei, Aktmalerei.

Felictiy Brown and Carolin Kropff

We use art as a language to communicate with people and formulate our images and gestalt ideas with a practice that interweaves painting, printing, and textile art.

In our Journeys, we prepare a framework, exchange fabrics, and pigments. We collect moments, stories, and messages from the people we meet and give expression to these shared experiences in the form of sculptural textile pieces, costumes, paintings, prints, and photography.
Felicity Brown studied at Glasgow School of Art, Royal College of Art, London

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