Embracing Life and the Common!

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

Photo: Felicity Brown

In 2016 I started my series "" with the desire to exhibit artists I had the chance to meet in Dubai and Düsseldorf in Frankfurt together with Frankfurt positions. What guides me is the curiosity to see what happens when art that is not exclusively influenced by Western art standards, and also art that is rarely seen, is placed in the "Frankfurt" framework. How do I address people, including those from the neighbourhood? What happens in terms of dialogue, and who can I reach with it? Can I develop a standard that reflects my ideals, that are interested in inclusion, collaboration and curiosity?

In 2020 I founded the STUDIOSPACE Lange Strasse 31 with the desire to find more inclusive ways and create a place where everyone can feel welcome who is interested in art and art-making. For this purpose, I have set up the studio workshop in addition to the project space - so far with little to no response - in order to make it possible to experience art as direct participation. I want to inspire people to feel that they belong and experience themselves as creative, in order, as Hassan Sharif puts it, to give oneself the authority to make art. Because creativity is an expression of the joy of living. This is what I want to bring to light with my art, an awareness of how we experience our wonderful world, as social beings, who have much more in common than what separates us, including the desire and ability to express ourselves artistically/creatively.

In doing so, I have to overcome the difficulty of intermediation. Language is the key. That's what I'm working on: finding a language that lowers the threshold and appeals to people from all walks of life without compromising the quality of the artistic process.

If anyone is reading this and has an idea they want to share, I'd be happy to hear from them and exchange ideas.

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