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The Studio Workshop 31 is the workshop of the artist Carolin Kropff and an experimental space that explores creative processes and backgrounds, preferably experimented with in collaboration with others. The focus is on creative work with textile materials, painting, drawing, and printing. Workshops and workshop talks take plase, emphasizing painting techniques and textile craft traditions from around the world.

Studio Workshop 31 is dedicated to promoting encounters between people and empowering them to develop their own creative methods with textiles and other materials. To achieve this, I offer workshops to provide interested individuals with tools they can apply according to their own preferences.

Studio Workshop 31 is inspired by my collaboration with the British Fashion Designer and artist Felicity Brown.

It´s all about connecting now.

Felicity Brown

Art can change the way we think about ourselves, how we view our lives, and how we process our experiences. The Artistic activity reflects our potential to explore how we relate to the world and how we can understand it.  I am convinced that we can trust our intuition. And with intuition, we can use improvisation as a method that allows us to create things spontaneously.


An artist is a person who likes to make things. I don’t see the difference who is a fine crafts person or anybody who likes to do stuff with their hands and their eyes and their minds. And they do that on a regular basis to the point where have enough of it, so they end up either showing people stuff or someone comes in and prevents them from throwing the stuff away because it seems to be littering their life. …. It’s the thing that you do. It is like being a shoemaker. It isn’t more glamourous than that. It is just the thing you do. It shouldn’t have any aura around it. It is an honest human occupation.

Melinda Gebbie


The artistic and craft methods allow us to connect our hand with our heart and mind to express something personal.

I love to share my knowledge with others, to give them the tools to find their own creative expression.

At the center of Studio Workshop 31 is the textileart workshop and the Quilting Bee.

New: WORLD PATCHWORK AND QUILTS: hand-sewing classes about the Power of Quilting Workshop Series featuring Japanese Sashiko, Hawaiian Appliqué, and Irish Manx; and workshop talk series WORN: A People's History of Clothing von Sofi Thanhauser!

From an interview with Matt Green, as part of Nottingham Contemporary at the University of Nottingham: From: 1:4:29 watch?v=93sV5XGLmgQ&t=2103s
Melinda Gebbie is an American comic book artist and writer known for her involvement in the underground comix movement. Wikipedia


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