Inspired by the collaboration with Felicity Brown and encouraged by Hassan Sharif, who called his artistic practice weaving, I have been consciously working with textile material and textile production methods for two years. In doing so, I use both craft fundamentals and improvisation and related to my pictorial inventions.

Textiles are our second skin. They tell of our everyday life, of our self-image, of our origin and our craftsmanship. They contain memories and usefulness. They are an expression of our culture.
What particularly fascinates me about textiles is their material quality, the many ways they can be made and designed, as well as their history and social background. The forms of expression are manifold. They range from transforming animal and plant fibres into threads in the meditative process of spinning, the abstract language in weaving and knotting to the narrative in appliqué and quilting, from underwear, quilts, wall hanging and carpet to Haute Couture. All artistic practices such as painting, printing, collage and sculptural work are possible. Craftivism is used to highlight political-social issues.
Working with textile material goes back to one of the oldest cultural techniques of mankind and was - and we still are - made for and with each other. In her story, women are the protagonists.



Carolin Kropff, bildende Künstlerin, Atelier Studio Space Lange Strasse 31, Frankfurt. Malerei, Zeichnung, Druckkunst, Textilkunst, Kollaboration, Performance, Fotografie, Studio Praxis.